Speed ​​boat (420 mm) with plastic hull with a 390 series engine with water cooling. Completely finished model with two-channel pistol radio system 2.4 GHz, electronic speed control, 7.4V Li-Ion battery charger and 12V.

A small speed boat with electric motor with a plastic hull with a length of 361 mm (total length 420 mm) for a pleasant holiday poježdění in smaller and larger bodies of water. The model is supplied complete, ready to sail (just charge the flight battery and insert) the DC motor series 390 with water cooling. Cooling water is sucked through the nozzle at the bottom of the boat, out of the boat is drained from the left side. Engine power is transmitted by flexible shaft coupling on the boat with poloponořeným two-blade screw. The direction of travel is controlled symmetrically positioned helm. Control provides two-channel pistol grip transmitter 2.4 GHz, on-board electronics includes a receiver combined with electronic speed controller is protected against the ingress of water and 9 g servo rudder. Control the rudder and engine speed is fully proporcionální.Přístup to the motor, batteries and electronics with a top removable cover that is provided with a rubber seal that ensures těstnost against intrusion vody.Pro drive is supplied with the Model Two-section battery pack Li-Ion 7.4 V / 800 mAh, charging for its use 12V charger 1000 mA. To power the charger is supplied connecting cable for connection to a car cigarette lighter socket. To power the transmitter used platelet 9 V battery, which is also part of the RC setu.RC set includes: finished model ready to sail, two-channel pistol grip transmitter, flight battery 7.4 V/800 mAh, 12V charger for the flight battery, charger cable for power supply , allen key, platelet 9V battery, plastic stand and a detailed instruction manual.

Length [mm] 420
Width [mm] 125
Weight [g] 480
Building intensity S0
Difficulty piloting P1

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